Designing Active Pedagogies:

This is my brain-child and I was lucky to have gotten completely free rain to develop this 10 credit diploma level course together with my partner in crime Dr Vicki Dale. We developed an entirely new theoretical framework for this course, which we introduced at the ALT Winter Conference 2018 and am currently working on a publication for.

Students’ feedback so far was that they really liked a course in which they could create an artifact that is directly applicable to their own practice.

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First run: September-December 2018

Approaches to Educational Enquiry

I am course lead for this 20 credit Master level course and my colleague Nicole Kipar and I had a many head bashing, brain bending conversations to create it.

The students have told us that they thought it was really helpful to know that even we do have disagreements and not always a straight answer.

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First run: September 2018-May 2019

Scholarship I

I am supporting my colleague Dr Michael McEwen with this course, and really enjoyed running the first session exploring expectations around and meaning of scholarship with the course participants.

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