Happy New Year

Auf dem Zahnfleisch kriechend: By the skin of our teeth We made it! Granted: rough and ready, stumbling into the new year, still exhausted and tired from infections, and right away into the emergency room in the hospital. Anxiously waiting for ten hours for my MiL’s life to be saved, which it was. Photo by … Continue reading Happy New Year

Making Work Flow

Hacking the Working from Home Day I really struggled getting back into the swing of things this semester. You know once the plates are all up and spinning it is relatively easy to keep them going, but picking up again after a three week break in yet another lockdown is difficult. But look whom I … Continue reading Making Work Flow

12 Days of SoTL: Bonus

Useful and Quirky Tools In this post I share some of my favourite tools, most of which are open source, that help with motivation, stopping distraction, or staying organised. For Writing Battle your fear of the empty page! Written Kitten all the way! In this snazzy little Browser App you get a photo of a … Continue reading 12 Days of SoTL: Bonus


This contribution to your abbreviation bingo vocabulary is all about productivity. Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions Also known as WOOP (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan) is something I just stumbled across when trying to–once again–find new hacks to encourage The Brain to stop with procrastination. I know, I know bit late to he WOOP game. Wish: … Continue reading WOOP