Making Work Flow

Hacking the Working from Home Day I really struggled getting back into the swing of things this semester. You know once the plates are all up and spinning it is relatively easy to keep them going, but picking up again after a three week break in yet another lockdown is difficult. But look whom I … Continue reading Making Work Flow

Falling into the Heather

About failed adventures, resilience, and preparing for the new academic year. Last week we spend four days in the Cairngorms (Scotland), as a short break after the summer was all but relaxing. However, the weird and wonderful mechanisms of stress and being worn out saw me reaching some physical and mental boundaries. And led to … Continue reading Falling into the Heather

Lockdown Adventures

This is one of the blogposts meant to go live a couple of months ago, and then things went head over heels in a thousand different directions, and suddenly it is the end of summer. Anyway, the issue I have been pondering is the relationship between our lockdown micro-adventures and pedagogy. There is learning to … Continue reading Lockdown Adventures

No work-desk no cry

A friend and colleague and I had a discussion today about working spaces and working from home and that reminded me of having seen a tweet about someone using an ironing board as standing desk. So I thought as an interlude to the next proper blog post I share some resources of people and how … Continue reading No work-desk no cry

Mindful Breaks

Mindfulness Mindfulness has been a bit of a tricky topic for me. I cannot stand having to sit or lie still and then focus on my breathing. A friend of mine eventually suggested to read an article about walking meditation [1,2]. Much better. I often take my camera. The camera asks for a focus, and … Continue reading Mindful Breaks