Over the last evenings I have been playing with digital and mixed media art to reflect on all the challenges faced working in higher education at the moment. In part these are responses to the irresponsible press articles demeaning online learning and teaching–it’s all just watching some videos after all, right?– dismissing the unbelievable amount … Continue reading Friday-Artday

Hybrid Spaces

I am having an ADHD day from hell so to get my brain back into focus I just went down to the kitchen and made a chocolate cake and now I do what I always do to get the thinking thoughts out of my head–I write. (Okay I cheated and used a bake mix so … Continue reading Hybrid Spaces

Mastering Balloons

Using Balloons to Explore Argument Structures at Master Level So I wanted master students in the College of Social Sciences to understand the basic argument structure from premise to conclusion. Experiencing that it is not in all cases a straight forward logical structure. The Prep Work I found journal articles that are relevant to the … Continue reading Mastering Balloons