Happy New Year

Auf dem Zahnfleisch kriechend: By the skin of our teeth We made it! Granted: rough and ready, stumbling into the new year, still exhausted and tired from infections, and right away into the emergency room in the hospital. Anxiously waiting for ten hours for my MiL’s life to be saved, which it was. Photo by … Continue reading Happy New Year

Falling into the Heather

About failed adventures, resilience, and preparing for the new academic year. Last week we spend four days in the Cairngorms (Scotland), as a short break after the summer was all but relaxing. However, the weird and wonderful mechanisms of stress and being worn out saw me reaching some physical and mental boundaries. And led to … Continue reading Falling into the Heather


Today made me think about judgements a lot. Partially because it is this time of the year, where academia is running the personal development reviews, or annual reviews, or performance reviews–whatever your local label. Partially, because in a training session I ran today the topic of judgement came up in a very intensive debate. And … Continue reading Judgements