The Last SoTLwalk

I was gutted to read that the wonderful Dr Natasha Taylor is posting the last SoTLwalk The June SoTL Walk: Our final ramble! – Elemental ( So if you have some time join in on the Padlet or on Twitter with the #SoTLwalk hashtag and help celebrate Natasha’s wonderful initiative, which has helped bring people … Continue reading The Last SoTLwalk

Sotlwalk April 2021

The Hunt for Teaching Eggcellence! This month’s SoTLwalk is all about teaching treasures so these were the instructions: Have you made a discovery – tips, tools, delicious treasures – this year that you’d like to share with others? Where did you find them? Maybe you gamify your syllabus to make things more fun for your … Continue reading Sotlwalk April 2021

#SoTLwalk February 2021

Funny how we all just skipped January. Today is a SoTL planning day here in the north of Glasgow. Just the right day to make myself cosy with a hot cup of something as rain and sleet are pelting the home office windows. However, since everyone else was braving the weather, the peer pressure weighted … Continue reading #SoTLwalk February 2021

SoTLwalk October

Muhahaha. Let’s get the skeletons out of the pedagogical closet. These are the prompts Natasha gave us this month: Ghostbusters! (It is Halloween, after all!)…Are there are demons in your teaching and learning closet? Any fright-nights to share? Maybe a trick or treat in your curriculum? Play with the ideas and themes associated with this … Continue reading SoTLwalk October

#SoTLwalk August 2020

This is a non-walk SoTLwalk and rather late. I hurt my back and walking was so uncomfortable there wasn’t much reflecting going on through the process. I was so annoyed not being able to go out much during a sunny weekend, I made a ridge-walk with Munro in milk foam. 😂 This month’s topic is … Continue reading #SoTLwalk August 2020

#SoTLWalk June

Identities in Crisis My reflections this month are a bit late. Too much going on. Too many directions to run into. Too much input. Too much expected outputs. Too many turn-around timelines. Too much. On all levels. But this rainy Scottish weekend, brings–unexpectedly–time. It was too wet even for us to go for a long … Continue reading #SoTLWalk June