How to get from research questions to methods in SoTL

So there is something I keep stumbling over when reviewing journal articles or other SoTL writing. Besides a general lack of methodology, if methodology is actually addressed it often misses the point. But I struggled with explaining this in an accessible way. I might have figured it out, bear with me: Theory, Methodology, Method Theory: […]

12 Days of SoTL: Day 03

Find the Advent Calendar Here Literature On Day Three of SoTLWe are thinking about the literature review. The tricky bit with this area is, if you are not from a cognate discipline, your usual research databases might not yield many or any relevant results for your question. Education is a multidisciplinary field relating to […]

Re-blog: The scholarship of learning and teaching: a victim of its nomenclature?

Scholarship historically suggests there are elements of reading, of engaging with other scholars’ and researchers’ thoughts and publications. It is a historical exercise analysing and critiquing a body of existing knowledge. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) also necessitates a strong element of reflectivity – or better reflexivity – to become a meaningful activity. […]