SoTL Development: A Pragmatic Approach

The following infographic reflects the stages of the process I often observe in my practice supporting SoTL, and which we use in our institution to support colleagues familiarising themselves with SoTL. It also made me think more about SoTL as practitioner inquiry: institutionally we are speaking about educational inquiries–rather than educational research–which is a horse … Continue reading SoTL Development: A Pragmatic Approach

Thoughts About Ethics and SoTL: 01

Warning Rant While there is still no sector-wide agreement about the exact definition of SoTL/Scholarship and while this remains contested, debated, and perpetually redefined and tweaked, thousands of educators in Higher Education are engaging in undertaking SoTL, in their own way. Sometimes haphazardly, cautious, tentative and sometimes full of valour and zest. This article for … Continue reading Thoughts About Ethics and SoTL: 01

Ethics and SoTL

This blog draft is only from about a month ago, when ethics has been on my mind more than usual. I began writing this post because my colleague and I ran an ethics in SoTL CPD session, but I also had a writing group meeting–a group which emerged from an ethics working group. And to … Continue reading Ethics and SoTL

Review: Hochschulbildungsforschung Chapter 5

Scharlau, I. (2019) Sich verständigen. Überlegungen zur Frage der Evidenzbasierung. In Hochschulbildungsforschung (pp. 105-124). Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. Some quotes from the chapter and some paraphrasing for which I used blackout poetry to help me translate. The rest of translation was done though Google. Hope it makes as much sense as the German… Maybe a … Continue reading Review: Hochschulbildungsforschung Chapter 5

Sotlwalk April 2021

The Hunt for Teaching Eggcellence! This month’s SoTLwalk is all about teaching treasures so these were the instructions: Have you made a discovery – tips, tools, delicious treasures – this year that you’d like to share with others? Where did you find them? Maybe you gamify your syllabus to make things more fun for your … Continue reading Sotlwalk April 2021

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 4

Langemeyer, I. (2019). Zur erkenntnistheoretischen, praktischen und politischen Relevanz einer Hochschulbildungsforschung. In Hochschulbildungsforschung (pp. 57–72). Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. I think my key message from this chapter was: The authors state that as of now there is no point to pay attention to inclusion or exclusion criteria for a definition of SoTL; but to engage … Continue reading Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 4

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 2

Review: Hochschulbildungsforschung: Chapter 2 Reference Rhein, R. (2019) ‘Theorieperspektiven auf hochschulisches Lehren und Lernen’, inHochschulbildungsforschung. Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden, pp. 23–40. doi: 10.1007/978-3-658-20309-2_3. About this Chapter The author in the next chapter of this book discusses theoretical perspectives for higher education learning and teaching. The author tries to suggest a triptych to scaffold the development of … Continue reading Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 2

#SoTLwalk February 2021

Funny how we all just skipped January. Today is a SoTL planning day here in the north of Glasgow. Just the right day to make myself cosy with a hot cup of something as rain and sleet are pelting the home office windows. However, since everyone else was braving the weather, the peer pressure weighted … Continue reading #SoTLwalk February 2021

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 1

Review: Hochschulbildungsforschung Chapter 1 I have been reading this book, the title would translate into Higher Education Educational Research and probably considered a book of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. One of the things I had entirely forgotten–or rather supressed–was how annoyingly superfluously elaborate and cluttered German academic writing can be. In one of … Continue reading Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 1

#SoTLwalk July

When life gives you lemons… This month’s theme is a chance to think about teaching and learning in difficult and unexpected situations – what strategies have you used to accept reality, realign expectations and take control? What do successes and failures look like in this ‘new light’? Does this make you feel vulnerable, authentic, brave … Continue reading #SoTLwalk July