#SoTLwalk July

When life gives you lemons… This month’s theme is a chance to think about teaching and learning in difficult and unexpected situations – what strategies have you used to accept reality, realign expectations and take control? What do successes and failures look like in this ‘new light’? Does this make you feel vulnerable, authentic, brave … Continue reading #SoTLwalk July

No work-desk no cry

A friend and colleague and I had a discussion today about working spaces and working from home and that reminded me of having seen a tweet about someone using an ironing board as standing desk. So I thought as an interlude to the next proper blog post I share some resources of people and how … Continue reading No work-desk no cry

3 step sour dough

for 2 large loafs of bread first step 60g rye flour 60 ml luke warm water mix and rest for about 12h around 30 degree celsius second step 4oo g rye flour 200 g wheat flour 600 ml luke warm water rest for 12 hrs take away 80-100g as your starter for future bread third … Continue reading 3 step sour dough