The Last SoTLwalk

I was gutted to read that the wonderful Dr Natasha Taylor is posting the last SoTLwalk The June SoTL Walk: Our final ramble! – Elemental ( So if you have some time join in on the Padlet or on Twitter with the #SoTLwalk hashtag and help celebrate Natasha’s wonderful initiative, which has helped bring people … Continue reading The Last SoTLwalk

To keep or not to keep?

I am always intrigued how some themes or topics seem to come at you from all (or at least several directions) at a point in time, just to fade out of focus again once you have engaged. So this week it seems to be all about reflecting this academic year (and a bit) and the things we want to keep or stop doing in the coming months. Continue reading To keep or not to keep?

Lockdown Adventures

This is one of the blogposts meant to go live a couple of months ago, and then things went head over heels in a thousand different directions, and suddenly it is the end of summer. Anyway, the issue I have been pondering is the relationship between our lockdown micro-adventures and pedagogy. There is learning to … Continue reading Lockdown Adventures

#SoTLwalk July

When life gives you lemons… This month’s theme is a chance to think about teaching and learning in difficult and unexpected situations – what strategies have you used to accept reality, realign expectations and take control? What do successes and failures look like in this ‘new light’? Does this make you feel vulnerable, authentic, brave … Continue reading #SoTLwalk July

#SoTLWalk June

Identities in Crisis My reflections this month are a bit late. Too much going on. Too many directions to run into. Too much input. Too much expected outputs. Too many turn-around timelines. Too much. On all levels. But this rainy Scottish weekend, brings–unexpectedly–time. It was too wet even for us to go for a long … Continue reading #SoTLWalk June

Reflective Practice

The view from over your own shoulder Evaluating your teaching. This was the CPD session I ran today for university teachers at all levels. Technicians who ensure that researchers learn to work complex (and expensive) equipment, tutors, graduate teaching assistants, and lecturers. One of the things that strikes me most when teaching sessions on evaluating … Continue reading Reflective Practice