Painting a Diary

My efforts to publish working–out–loud pieces have been thwarted by overwhelm. So let’s step back by a month. There was some learning from this summer’s holiday-domain during which I ran out of words. This is a meandering thoughts blog, I am trying to figure something out–solve a teaching dilemma. Any ideas are welcome! If you … Continue reading Painting a Diary

Sotlwalk April 2021

The Hunt for Teaching Eggcellence! This month’s SoTLwalk is all about teaching treasures so these were the instructions: Have you made a discovery – tips, tools, delicious treasures – this year that you’d like to share with others? Where did you find them? Maybe you gamify your syllabus to make things more fun for your … Continue reading Sotlwalk April 2021

To keep or not to keep?

I am always intrigued how some themes or topics seem to come at you from all (or at least several directions) at a point in time, just to fade out of focus again once you have engaged. So this week it seems to be all about reflecting this academic year (and a bit) and the things we want to keep or stop doing in the coming months. Continue reading To keep or not to keep?

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 1

Review: Hochschulbildungsforschung Chapter 1 I have been reading this book, the title would translate into Higher Education Educational Research and probably considered a book of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. One of the things I had entirely forgotten–or rather supressed–was how annoyingly superfluously elaborate and cluttered German academic writing can be. In one of … Continue reading Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 1

Falling into the Heather

About failed adventures, resilience, and preparing for the new academic year. Last week we spend four days in the Cairngorms (Scotland), as a short break after the summer was all but relaxing. However, the weird and wonderful mechanisms of stress and being worn out saw me reaching some physical and mental boundaries. And led to … Continue reading Falling into the Heather

Zoom Break Zumba

This is one option, ten minutes dance-off while you are waiting for the next session to begin–by the by: beginning. Over the last couple of months people have been asking for suggestions of what do you do during these newly acquired breaks between meetings. You know the ones we used to use to run from … Continue reading Zoom Break Zumba


Over the last evenings I have been playing with digital and mixed media art to reflect on all the challenges faced working in higher education at the moment. In part these are responses to the irresponsible press articles demeaning online learning and teaching–it’s all just watching some videos after all, right?– dismissing the unbelievable amount … Continue reading Friday-Artday

#FOS201 OER and OEP

Today’s topic on the FOS201 Course was OERs my academic knowledge around OERs is rudimentary at best, an image that came to mind during the FOS201 reflection was that I use OER like the fancy coffee machine in our seminar room. I use it when we are permitted to, let my colleagues know when they … Continue reading #FOS201 OER and OEP


I am going on walks every day, often Nordic Walking–which in Scotland earns me strange looks and the occasional comment. As spring takes hold and the days become longer, if not necessarily warmer, I was thinking about emergence. As educators we are used to being in an autopoietic state (Kidd, 2015), but the process of … Continue reading Emergence