Thoughts About Ethics and SoTL: 01

Warning Rant While there is still no sector-wide agreement about the exact definition of SoTL/Scholarship and while this remains contested, debated, and perpetually redefined and tweaked, thousands of educators in Higher Education are engaging in undertaking SoTL, in their own way. Sometimes haphazardly, cautious, tentative and sometimes full of valour and zest. This article for … Continue reading Thoughts About Ethics and SoTL: 01

Ethics and SoTL

This blog draft is only from about a month ago, when ethics has been on my mind more than usual. I began writing this post because my colleague and I ran an ethics in SoTL CPD session, but I also had a writing group meeting–a group which emerged from an ethics working group. And to … Continue reading Ethics and SoTL

12 Days of SoTL: Day 08

Ethics Ethics is always necessary when undertaking (non-clinical) research which involves people. Questions that usually need to be addressed are: Why are you undertaking the research? Your rationale. How do you plan to undertake the research? Methodology Methods Who are you participants? How do you choose them? Are there any risks for your participants? If … Continue reading 12 Days of SoTL: Day 08