#SoTLwalk August 2020

This is a non-walk SoTLwalk and rather late. I hurt my back and walking was so uncomfortable there wasn’t much reflecting going on through the process. I was so annoyed not being able to go out much during a sunny weekend, I made a ridge-walk with Munro in milk foam. 😂 This month’s topic is … Continue reading #SoTLwalk August 2020

The Narrative Arch as Curriculum Design Tool

Course Planning Revisited A brief touch base, now that the course ran its second iteration, with a full participation list initial post * . You might remember that we adapted Freytag’s narrative arch to develop a framework for curriculum planning–rather humorous since Freytag’s pyramid is considered particularly helpful when writing dramas. However, so far it … Continue reading The Narrative Arch as Curriculum Design Tool