The Power of Doodle

The origin of this post goes back to 2011, much has changed since, including my own personal development and career. But let’s get the pens out: I was rather keen on going back to the topic of doodles as I have become more and more interested in Sketchnoting, which you could think about as purposeful … Continue reading The Power of Doodle

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

So I promised a little contribution for this week’s events. For more about the UofG Neurodiversity Network go here (link opens in new window). Without further ado: My ADHD Superpowers –an attempted poem I design and make clothes, mainly dresses that fitSilversmith, wordsmith and sometimes do knitI draw life with words, images, pens, and brushBut … Continue reading Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Context Switching

ADHD and the issue of context switching These last couple of weeks, a term made the rounds in our department which I had never heard before and which finally gave me a picture to an issue I had for a while. There seems to be some struggle with context switching at the moment. Which made … Continue reading Context Switching