Writing is Comfort Work

Somewhere on the wilderness of the World Wide Web I stumbled across this contemplation about comfort work by Austin Kleon. The idea was so relatable it made me contemplate not only how I work but also if framing things under this light might help with motivation during challenging times. First things first. Austin Kleon defines … Continue reading Writing is Comfort Work

Just because #AcWriMo2022

Have you ever written something: just because? Just because the words needed out. Just because you could feel your thoughts churning but were not able to grasp them, hold on to the maelstrom of shapeless cognition? That’s me today. The last weeks were full of meetings, and teaching, and movement, and falling down the stairs … Continue reading Just because #AcWriMo2022

Writing Creates More Writing

This year for Academic Writing Month I decided to blog more. That’s it. No specific goals, no three posts a week etc. I didn’t want to immediately inhibit the writing process by setting unrealistic expectations. It’s mid-semester here, there are teaching observations, teaching, running network, struggling with chronic health issues, all of which is usually … Continue reading Writing Creates More Writing

SoTL Development: A Pragmatic Approach

The following infographic reflects the stages of the process I often observe in my practice supporting SoTL, and which we use in our institution to support colleagues familiarising themselves with SoTL. It also made me think more about SoTL as practitioner inquiry: institutionally we are speaking about educational inquiries–rather than educational research–which is a horse … Continue reading SoTL Development: A Pragmatic Approach

Thoughts About Ethics and SoTL: 01

Warning Rant While there is still no sector-wide agreement about the exact definition of SoTL/Scholarship and while this remains contested, debated, and perpetually redefined and tweaked, thousands of educators in Higher Education are engaging in undertaking SoTL, in their own way. Sometimes haphazardly, cautious, tentative and sometimes full of valour and zest. This article for … Continue reading Thoughts About Ethics and SoTL: 01

SoTL: Quick Tips

This is a (not comprehensive) list of things that keep coming up in my role supporting SoTL, fellowship applications and teaching on the PGCAP. This is the fifth blog post I have been fretting about today and decided to just press publish now. Note: Editing will probably happen. SoTL is all about your own practice: … Continue reading SoTL: Quick Tips

#AcWriMo 2022

This has been a very slow blogging year. I made up for it with several publications, including lead editor for an open access book and starting our oSoTL journal. The second edition was just published and edition three plus a special edition are in the works. So trying to get my blogging mojo back for … Continue reading #AcWriMo 2022