Writing Creates More Writing

This year for Academic Writing Month I decided to blog more. That’s it. No specific goals, no three posts a week etc. I didn’t want to immediately inhibit the writing process by setting unrealistic expectations. It’s mid-semester here, there are teaching observations, teaching, running network, struggling with chronic health issues, all of which is usually … Continue reading Writing Creates More Writing

#AcWriMo 2022

This has been a very slow blogging year. I made up for it with several publications, including lead editor for an open access book and starting our oSoTL journal. The second edition was just published and edition three plus a special edition are in the works. So trying to get my blogging mojo back for … Continue reading #AcWriMo 2022

Of Writing and Stories

Zwei Seelen wohnen ach in meiner Brust (Goethe) Alas two souls live within my chest, the one trained to shackle words, to make them march in predefined order, command approved phrases to rearrange meaning according to expectations, and one roaming in the wild, finding meaning as stories develop, taking a big stick and poking at … Continue reading Of Writing and Stories

Using Blackout Poetry to aid Translation

Cite as: Sheridan, Nathalie (2020): Poetic Inquiry as a Meaning-Making Process Across Languages. figshare. Online resource. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.13146242.v1  Poetic Inquiry as a Meaning-Making Process Across Languages I find translating from German into English particularly when it comes to academic text indefinitely more difficult than the other way around. Which is strange as I am fluid in … Continue reading Using Blackout Poetry to aid Translation

12 Days of SoTL: Day 11

Write about your SoTL Normally in SoTL publications, and specifically when we engage in a reflexive practice piece, we would write in 1st person, which can feel very awkward when you are used to writing in 3rd person. Whilst there is nothing intrinsically wrong with writing in 3rd person, you will still have to acknowledge … Continue reading 12 Days of SoTL: Day 11

10 reasons to write

When I set out to note down 10 reasons to write–10 reasons that would push me to write today–I never thought I would make it beyond the first two. But here you go: 1. I write to sort my head We experience a lot of context switching in our roles lecturers in academic development as … Continue reading 10 reasons to write

Working in the garden

Planting a tree is purposeful engagement; putting my winter rosemary into a bigger pot because it became pot-bound is an act of caring. I am pausing to observe the robin curiously observing me. The air is still chilly, and the winged ethnographer quickly loses interest in his subject. Working in my garden is an act of self-care and an act of deep work. Continue reading Working in the garden

Writing vs Boot-camp

Today was the first day of an eight week long twice a week 6-7 a.m. bootcamp I signed up for. On my way back when thinking about planning the writing activities I have to undertake. I realised there is a strange commonality between the early morning intensive circuits training and academic writing. Continue reading Writing vs Boot-camp

How to write regularly?

Trying out a writing challenge. 30 posts in 30 days: The next 30 days will not mark a full calendar month or some other sort of temporal meaningfulness. The only reason I use today, is that I have despite all the good advice not yet managed to create this every day routine. Which is just generally difficult for me–heck I am glad if I remember to moisturize! So beginning today gives me four days (including the weekend) where there are no excuses for not writing. It’s basically a little bit of a head-start. Continue reading How to write regularly?

On Writing Paragraphs

In my other work-place we work closely with a Writing Fellow: The lovely Katie Grant. Who generously agreed to have a meeting, so I could understand her role and have a chat about writing. This post briefly reflects on her tips for paragraph-writing, and I have her permission to share her paragraph-matrix with you. Building … Continue reading On Writing Paragraphs