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a very pretty (and she really looks as if she knows it!) kitty cat sitting in the green meadows
Written Kitten

This is one of my most favourite productivity tools. Every 100 words you write you get a new photo of cats.

close up of an LP on a record player
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If you need soundtracks and music for teaching videos or podcasts that might give you resources.

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Under Construction

This is a space holder

Global OER Network

The Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN) is a network of PhD candidates around the world whose research projects include a focus on open education (i.e. OER, OEP, MOOC). These doctoral researchers are at the core of the network; around them, over two hundred experts, supervisors, mentors and interested parties connect to form a community of practice.

someone using hiking pole pointing across a mountain range
Create your own Google Maps

This is a great way from anything city planning, architecture, history, geology and much more, create your own maps for your students.

image of person pointing at map a laptop, passport, coffee cup and camera are place on the map. In fact it makes me slightly anxious as the person place the coffee cup on their macbook an accident waiting to happen!
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screen grab of the app
Cosy Room

Freeware it’s a browser based software where you can meet with students, colleagues, friends in an online space that is quite different from anything else around. You can text or voice chat with one another. And you can build the room ever which way you want.
There are reviews of the online meetup:
Review one
YouTube video explaining how it works