Core Two: Teaching, learning and/or assessment processes

Section Content

Core 2a: An understanding of teaching, learning and/or assessment processes
Core 2b: An understanding of your target learners


Value: A commitment to exploring and understanding the interplay between technology and learning.

This has been an ongoing process for me, it began 14 years ago with my undergraduate dissertation exploring the use of e-learning scenarios, and I have been keen in exploring how to make use of available spaces to the learners.

Value: A commitment to keep up to date with new technologies.

I believe this value has extensively been covered in Core 1. However, the following reflections do also highlight this commitment further—utilizing different technologies for the case studies.

Value: A commitment to communicate and disseminate effective practice.

I have participated in #digiwrimo, created an open Google sheet sharing brief reviews of different technology, and communication and dissemination of effective practice is my job.
I have created a model for designing curriculum and today my colleague who liked the idea and I mapped this over the ABC curriculum development model, using story-telling and principles of digital storytelling, to create and online course about active pedagogies. We are using good practice with a balanced mix of learning and teaching strategies, and usage of physical and digital spaces to create a comprehensive learning experience.

Value: An empathy with and willingness to learn from colleagues from different backgrounds and specialist options.

The example under the previous value is also a good example for collaboration. My colleague is much more experienced in educational technology, and online learning and teaching design. Her feedback on my ideas, and the discussions on how to map these across existing models is invaluable.
I also understand that engagement with some learning and teaching strategies pushes participants in the postgraduate certificate and MEd out of their comfort zones. Feedback from colleagues has been that my showcase activities, two semesters in a row, had the most uptake from course-participants to share a learning activity, or technology they have utilized. While this is not enough data to make any claims, I hope that my aim in creating a safe and non-judgemental learning environment, did at least contribute to the willingness to share.

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