Core 3: The Wider Context

This section of the portfolio should demonstrate awareness of and engagement with wider issues that inform their practice. Candidates must cover at least one legislative area and either a second legislative area or a policy area. That is you need to cover a minimum of two areas, at least one of which must be legislative.


A commitment to exploring and understanding the interplay between technology and learning. I believe this value is reflected particularly in discussions around equality and diversity, especially with the view to accessibility.   A commitment to keep up to date with new technologies. Making use of the most recent developments such as digital collections and strategy of Museums and Galleries Scotland as well as Glasgow Museums and The Hunterian. In collaboration with colleagues from The Hunterian Museum we developed a session for my new Course about Active Pedagogies. The course is both available fully online or as a blended learning course.   An empathy with and willingness to learn from colleagues from different backgrounds and specialist options. Ask for advice from E&D person   A commitment to communicate and disseminate effective practice

We are currently applying for ethics so we can publicice the evaluation of the new course and work with and reflect on the feedback from the learners on how well or not so well the arrangements worked

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