Core 1a: An understanding of the constraints and benefits of different technologies

I understand that with the new data protection regulation coming into fruiting in May 2018 some of these uses need to be revised and re-considered, as they ask for the learner to create a profile. Therefore, I chose to use Padlet as an example the learners can use  without having to create a profile or identify themselves.

My reflection for 1a is created in Sway Microsoft’s online presentation platform, which I have begun using instead of PPTX. I like its versatility, one can create a blog-post as much as a presentation. It is easy to link media, can be embedded into webpages. Sway has a build-in accessibility checker highlighting potential areas that might constitute an issue for some learners, and has an accessibility view. It highlights for instance if alternative text for images is not provided or an embedded element might not be able to read.

Core 1a: Reflection

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