Project: CMALT Portfolio

Light Installations at the IET Savoy Place

Contextual Statement


My undergraduate degree is in Erziehungswissenschaften, which translates roughly into the Sciences of Education. During my studies I have held various roles teaching in formal and informal contexts, from teaching English in kindergarten over working with refugee and otherwise disadvantaged children in a charity to teaching at university level.

I have worked in academic development since 2010. Initially part-time during my PhD and until March 2017 in student facing role. In these various positions I was working with students on issues around academic but also personal development. Teaching at personal one-to-one level up to large lectures, as well as distance learning students I utilized learning technology on a daily basis. Making use of institution subscribed VLEs such as Blackboard Mahara and, Moodle; but also using webbased applications mobile apps and social media platforms to initiate learner engagement and offer a variety of support mechanisms for the learners.

I have chosen to demonstrate the three different sections on external platforms. This way the storytelling about the different aspects, and the tool used for storytelling are playing together. The photos below incorporate links to external resources demonstrating the various elements of Core 1. I have chosen different platforms to showcase my core elements and also to demonstrate the various resources I am using in teaching. I am content that the CMALT qualification will help me to build the bridge between my previous experiences and future development. I have for instance set myself the challenge to build this website as part of creating the E-Portfolio. I have recently taken over the leadership of our online masters programme in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Working with university teachers, here in the University of Glasgow’s Learning Enhancement and Academic Development Service (LEADS). This new role provided the incentive to engage in CMALT. Undergoing the reflective exercises, and engaging with colleagues across our, and other, institutions aims to help me develop my skills further, and informs the re-development of our programme.

Furthermore, there is a strong drive to increase the use of blended learning in our institution, and we were tasked to explore the development of further online provision. So formalising my reflective practive around learning and teaching strategies in relationship to educational technology is not only inherently logical, it will also inform my application as Senior Fellow withing the Recognition for Excellence in Teaching (RET) award. This equates to the SFHEA.

Core area 1: Operational issues

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