Looking Beyond: Thoughts on Teaching Models

Dr Vicki Dale and I are running a very hands-on postgraduate course around creative pedagogies. One of the core messages I think we still have to make stronger–there was yet another course participant asking for discipline specific pedagogies–teaching methods are in the least interdisciplinary–although I vote for transdisciplinarity! So I am making a public plea: … Continue reading Looking Beyond: Thoughts on Teaching Models

Thoughts About Ethics and SoTL: 01

Warning Rant While there is still no sector-wide agreement about the exact definition of SoTL/Scholarship and while this remains contested, debated, and perpetually redefined and tweaked, thousands of educators in Higher Education are engaging in undertaking SoTL, in their own way. Sometimes haphazardly, cautious, tentative and sometimes full of valour and zest. This article for … Continue reading Thoughts About Ethics and SoTL: 01

SoTL: Quick Tips

This is a (not comprehensive) list of things that keep coming up in my role supporting SoTL, fellowship applications and teaching on the PGCAP. This is the fifth blog post I have been fretting about today and decided to just press publish now. Note: Editing will probably happen. SoTL is all about your own practice: … Continue reading SoTL: Quick Tips

#AcWriMo 2022

This has been a very slow blogging year. I made up for it with several publications, including lead editor for an open access book and starting our oSoTL journal. The second edition was just published and edition three plus a special edition are in the works. So trying to get my blogging mojo back for … Continue reading #AcWriMo 2022

Just Do It: SoTL

Why ‘Just Do It’ is one of the worst voices in your head When you read the tiles in the image (Why not today?) try reading them out loud and first emphasise the word today, and the second time emphasise the word not. Why NOT today? It makes all the difference doesn’t it? So why … Continue reading Just Do It: SoTL

An Experiment in Format

This last half year has been challenging with weird and wonderful health issues, busy workload and all around “the world is doomed pre-apocalyptic mood-ness”. However, as long as there is life there is hope. Right? So I have about 50 posts in draft status and work on various OERs. Watch this space. Are you by … Continue reading An Experiment in Format

What is in Teaching?

Some Evening Thoughts You are, you are in teaching. The whole you. Your past, your present, your envisaged future. When your learners bring something to you, challenge you, question you, ask you. They are bringing themselves to you. They are making themselves vulnerable—even if it might not feel like it to you in that moment. … Continue reading What is in Teaching?

#LTHEchat 217: Symbiotic versus Parasitic Aggregation–Good Practice for Social Media

Originally posted on #LTHEchat:
Led by: Dr Linnea Soler @DrLinneaSoler & Dr Nathalie Tasler @drntasler Image from Pixaby by Gerhard G “There’s often a thin line between aggregation and theft. Sending readers to savor the work of others at the sites where they publish — that’s one thing. Excerpting or paraphrasing at length, so the… Continue reading #LTHEchat 217: Symbiotic versus Parasitic Aggregation–Good Practice for Social Media

Notes on Autoethnography

Autoethnography Take Two I need to edit a paper to incorporate some of the reviewer comments, equally my designing educational inquiries course just began again this week, and one of my MEd students is running an autoethnographic project. So there are my three reasons for indulging in reading and writing again. This is a mere … Continue reading Notes on Autoethnography