Just Do It: SoTL

Why ‘Just Do It’ is one of the worst voices in your head When you read the tiles in the image (Why not today?) try reading them out loud and first emphasise the word today, and the second time emphasise the word not. Why NOT today? It makes all the difference doesn’t it? So why … Continue reading Just Do It: SoTL

Painting a Diary

My efforts to publish working–out–loud pieces have been thwarted by overwhelm. So let’s step back by a month. There was some learning from this summer’s holiday-domain during which I ran out of words. This is a meandering thoughts blog, I am trying to figure something out–solve a teaching dilemma. Any ideas are welcome! If you … Continue reading Painting a Diary

Of Writing and Stories

Zwei Seelen wohnen ach in meiner Brust (Goethe) Alas two souls live within my chest, the one trained to shackle words, to make them march in predefined order, command approved phrases to rearrange meaning according to expectations, and one roaming in the wild, finding meaning as stories develop, taking a big stick and poking at … Continue reading Of Writing and Stories

A Sense of Future

Today was a strange day, friends and colleagues talking about their struggles to focus, to ‘be on the ball’, to work efficiently. So it was a strange, grey, rainy autumn day that somehow put a sound absorber on the brain. However, the shared experience that unsettles me most is that lack of a ‘sense of … Continue reading A Sense of Future

Lockdown Adventures

This is one of the blogposts meant to go live a couple of months ago, and then things went head over heels in a thousand different directions, and suddenly it is the end of summer. Anyway, the issue I have been pondering is the relationship between our lockdown micro-adventures and pedagogy. There is learning to … Continue reading Lockdown Adventures