12 Days of SoTL: Day 11

Write about your SoTL Normally in SoTL publications, and specifically when we engage in a reflexive practice piece, we would write in 1st person, which can feel very awkward when you are used to writing in 3rd person. Whilst there is nothing intrinsically wrong with writing in 3rd person, you will still have to acknowledge … Continue reading 12 Days of SoTL: Day 11

12 Days of SoTL: Day 09

Data Collection On day nine we reflect that whilst we have chosen our methods, there are some considerations to take into account when it comes to actually ‘doing the collecting’ of data. For instance: If we are leading interviews, and instead of having open ended questions, or even just prompts to encourage a free flow … Continue reading 12 Days of SoTL: Day 09

12 Days of SoTL: Day 08

Ethics Ethics is always necessary when undertaking (non-clinical) research which involves people. Questions that usually need to be addressed are: Why are you undertaking the research? Your rationale. How do you plan to undertake the research? Methodology Methods Who are you participants? How do you choose them? Are there any risks for your participants? If … Continue reading 12 Days of SoTL: Day 08

12 Days of SoTL: Day 07

Participant Selection Participant selection can be a tricky issue particularly when we are undertaking an education inquiry with our own students. There is a variety of sampling techniques (probability and non-probability sampling methods) we can refer to: Cluster Sampling Snowball Sampling Convenience Sampling etc Convenience sampling is most likely to be your easiest and most … Continue reading 12 Days of SoTL: Day 07

12 Days of SoTL: Day 06

Methods On Day Six of SoTL:We think about our data collection methods. Do our methods actually answer your questions?Ask yourself, if you have a small group of students (10 or 20) how valuable is the data you get from a questionnaire with Likert Scale answers? Are you too worried to try something new? What about … Continue reading 12 Days of SoTL: Day 06

12 Days of SoTL: Day 05

Methodology Methodology is your research (inquiry) plan or strategy. You could think about it as a project plan, exploring how you go about answering your research questions (or proofing your hypothesis). What theoretical framework have you chosen to scaffold your research (if you choose one)? Have you decided to follow a methodology? There is a … Continue reading 12 Days of SoTL: Day 05

12 Days of SoTL: Day 04

Day 4: Theory A theory, Blumer once noted, is always a theory of something. But it is also always a theory for someone. Fine, G. A., & Tavory, I. (2019). Interactionism in the Twenty‐First Century: A Letter on Being‐in‐a‐Meaningful‐World. Symbolic Interaction, 42(3), 457–467. https://doi.org/10.1002/symb.430 Theories are used as a frame of reference. Exploring issues related to learning … Continue reading 12 Days of SoTL: Day 04

10 reasons to write

When I set out to note down 10 reasons to write–10 reasons that would push me to write today–I never thought I would make it beyond the first two. But here you go: 1. I write to sort my head We experience a lot of context switching in our roles lecturers in academic development as … Continue reading 10 reasons to write