Ethics and SoTL

This blog draft is only from about a month ago, when ethics has been on my mind more than usual. I began writing this post because my colleague and I ran an ethics in SoTL CPD session, but I also had a writing group meeting–a group which emerged from an ethics working group. And to … Continue reading Ethics and SoTL

Sotlwalk April 2021

The Hunt for Teaching Eggcellence! This month’s SoTLwalk is all about teaching treasures so these were the instructions: Have you made a discovery – tips, tools, delicious treasures – this year that you’d like to share with others? Where did you find them? Maybe you gamify your syllabus to make things more fun for your … Continue reading Sotlwalk April 2021

Of Writing and Stories

Zwei Seelen wohnen ach in meiner Brust (Goethe) Alas two souls live within my chest, the one trained to shackle words, to make them march in predefined order, command approved phrases to rearrange meaning according to expectations, and one roaming in the wild, finding meaning as stories develop, taking a big stick and poking at … Continue reading Of Writing and Stories

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 4

Langemeyer, I. (2019). Zur erkenntnistheoretischen, praktischen und politischen Relevanz einer Hochschulbildungsforschung. In Hochschulbildungsforschung (pp. 57–72). Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. I think my key message from this chapter was: The authors state that as of now there is no point to pay attention to inclusion or exclusion criteria for a definition of SoTL; but to engage … Continue reading Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 4

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 3

Reference Tremp, P. and Eugster, B. (2019) ‘Lehr- und Lernfreiheit’, in Hochschulbildungsforschung. Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden, pp. 41–56. doi: 10.1007/978-3-658-20309-2_4 The quote below defines Higher Education Didaktik as the undertaking which concerns itself with the shaping of teaching and learning in higher education institutions. The chapter tries to explore the junction between Higher Education Didaktik and … Continue reading Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Chapter 3

How to get from research questions to methods in SoTL

So there is something I keep stumbling over when reviewing journal articles or other SoTL writing. Besides a general lack of methodology, if methodology is actually addressed it often misses the point. But I struggled with explaining this in an accessible way. I might have figured it out, bear with me: Theory, Methodology, Method Theory: … Continue reading How to get from research questions to methods in SoTL

SoTLwalk October

Muhahaha. Let’s get the skeletons out of the pedagogical closet. These are the prompts Natasha gave us this month: Ghostbusters! (It is Halloween, after all!)…Are there are demons in your teaching and learning closet? Any fright-nights to share? Maybe a trick or treat in your curriculum? Play with the ideas and themes associated with this … Continue reading SoTLwalk October

Using Blackout Poetry to aid Translation

Cite as: Sheridan, Nathalie (2020): Poetic Inquiry as a Meaning-Making Process Across Languages. figshare. Online resource.  Poetic Inquiry as a Meaning-Making Process Across Languages I find translating from German into English particularly when it comes to academic text indefinitely more difficult than the other way around. Which is strange as I am fluid in … Continue reading Using Blackout Poetry to aid Translation

Blackout Poetry and Pancakes

If you have not yet joined Pedagogy and Pancakes run by Chris Headland come on in, these morning sessions are fab. So, today the fabulous Aimee Merrydew was introducing Blackout Poetry as a creative teaching method to encourage students to engage more deeply with core texts they have to read. And while I was listening … Continue reading Blackout Poetry and Pancakes

Ethnography of a Museum

Context I am experimenting with writing again. So back to the beginnings of my academic journey and ethnographic writing. Without further ado: An Excerpt The smell is difficult to describe, an echo of floor polish clings to the dry air, the worn Lino floors make my shoes squeak, but it smells of something else; I … Continue reading Ethnography of a Museum