Life Domains

Twine weavingBetwixtAmongstAmongThroughout How do you solveBoundariesThrilled ChaosMy whole lifeBalance on the pointOf a needle Skin prick sharpRuling chaosIs not for the faint heartedEven equilibrium is flowForward motionPerpetuum mobileWhen forced to stopThe energy becomes volatile I create alwaysCogito ergo sumAedifico ergo sumMore like itIf grammatically questionableRelationships aren’t a domainThey are everythingLove’s arms around meFriend on walksPartner … Continue reading Life Domains

Blackout Poetry and Pancakes

If you have not yet joined Pedagogy and Pancakes run by Chris Headland come on in, these morning sessions are fab. So, today the fabulous Aimee Merrydew was introducing Blackout Poetry as a creative teaching method to encourage students to engage more deeply with core texts they have to read. And while I was listening … Continue reading Blackout Poetry and Pancakes

Thinking Thoughts

When you stuff your brain glutinously with ideas and paradoxes that push you into cognitive dissonance trying to come up with a story and there is no anti-acid—or granny’s really expensive gentian-schnapps—that can help the brain to break the thought-food down as it does with overeating during the holidays, then what do you do? Mind-Map? … Continue reading Thinking Thoughts

Safe space for Failure

Triadic Reciprocal Causation This was the last project in my old role in student academic development. Discussions about resilience of students and the rise of mental health issues have been on the agenda for some years now. When I was approached to develop a concept for students who were permitted to repeat a year and … Continue reading Safe space for Failure