Happy New Year

Auf dem Zahnfleisch kriechend: By the skin of our teeth We made it! Granted: rough and ready, stumbling into the new year, still exhausted and tired from infections, and right away into the emergency room in the hospital. Anxiously waiting for ten hours for my MiL’s life to be saved, which it was. Photo by … Continue reading Happy New Year

The Lockdown Diary

I didn’t publish this post in September 2020 because I thought it might be too soon and we were just going into another lockdown. Sharing some thoughts from my lockdown diary, written about a year ago, moved into a blog post draft some months later and now maybe ready to publish: Diary came up today … Continue reading The Lockdown Diary

Roots in times of Upheaval

All the upheaval this year has brought on reminiscence and reflections–many of which circling around a childhood whose remains can only be found in museums, dusty atticks, or maybe the odd collections treasured individually. Nobody would know of the books we have read. East German children books had such sophisticated and brilliant illustrators. Where did … Continue reading Roots in times of Upheaval

Life Domains

Twine weavingBetwixtAmongstAmongThroughout How do you solveBoundariesThrilled ChaosMy whole lifeBalance on the pointOf a needle Skin prick sharpRuling chaosIs not for the faint heartedEven equilibrium is flowForward motionPerpetuum mobileWhen forced to stopThe energy becomes volatile I create alwaysCogito ergo sumAedifico ergo sumMore like itIf grammatically questionableRelationships aren’t a domainThey are everythingLove’s arms around meFriend on walksPartner … Continue reading Life Domains

Like Lotus from the Mud

First days of annual leaveThe struggle is realWinding down impossibleToo many loose ends to tie up Communications to finishPlans to makeCreating order as strategyWardrobe, drawers, papers While the mind meandersThe hands make spaceAnd somehowCreating outer spaceCreates inner space The white noise is calming downAnd thoughts emergeLike bright lotus blossoms from mudThey were hoveringJust below the … Continue reading Like Lotus from the Mud

Blackout Poetry and Pancakes

If you have not yet joined Pedagogy and Pancakes run by Chris Headland come on in, these morning sessions are fab. So, today the fabulous Aimee Merrydew was introducing Blackout Poetry as a creative teaching method to encourage students to engage more deeply with core texts they have to read. And while I was listening … Continue reading Blackout Poetry and Pancakes