Neurodiversity Celebration Week

So I promised a little contribution for this week’s events. For more about the UofG Neurodiversity Network go here (link opens in new window). Without further ado: My ADHD Superpowers –an attempted poem I design and make clothes, mainly dresses that fitSilversmith, wordsmith and sometimes do knitI draw life with words, images, pens, and brushBut … Continue reading Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Command Words Chaos

Using white plastic cups for critical thinking skills From the archives (Sept 2013). A colleague at the time had asked me to share this exercise. So I wrote it into a post. Last week I had my first cohort of students (a programme that starts slightly off sync with the rest of the university) this … Continue reading Command Words Chaos

Active Learning and Christmas Festivities

Originally posted on #LTHEchat:
Active Learning and Disruptive Pedagogies In this #LTHEChat, we would like to explore the disruptive potential of active learning.   It is probably easier to define what active learning is not, than what it is. While a concise definition for active learning remains elusive, during our Active Learning course, we have bought into Kovbasyuk and Blessinger’s (2013) ‘vision of education’ as an ‘open meaning-making process’; the interaction between the teacher, student and… Continue reading Active Learning and Christmas Festivities