Looking Beyond: Thoughts on Teaching Models

Dr Vicki Dale and I are running a very hands-on postgraduate course around creative pedagogies. One of the core messages I think we still have to make stronger–there was yet another course participant asking for discipline specific pedagogies–teaching methods are in the least interdisciplinary–although I vote for transdisciplinarity! So I am making a public plea: … Continue reading Looking Beyond: Thoughts on Teaching Models

An Experiment in Format

This last half year has been challenging with weird and wonderful health issues, busy workload and all around “the world is doomed pre-apocalyptic mood-ness”. However, as long as there is life there is hope. Right? So I have about 50 posts in draft status and work on various OERs. Watch this space. Are you by … Continue reading An Experiment in Format

What is in Teaching?

Some Evening Thoughts You are, you are in teaching. The whole you. Your past, your present, your envisaged future. When your learners bring something to you, challenge you, question you, ask you. They are bringing themselves to you. They are making themselves vulnerable—even if it might not feel like it to you in that moment. … Continue reading What is in Teaching?

The Power of Doodle

The origin of this post goes back to 2011, much has changed since, including my own personal development and career. But let’s get the pens out: I was rather keen on going back to the topic of doodles as I have become more and more interested in Sketchnoting, which you could think about as purposeful … Continue reading The Power of Doodle

Roots in times of Upheaval

All the upheaval this year has brought on reminiscence and reflections–many of which circling around a childhood whose remains can only be found in museums, dusty atticks, or maybe the odd collections treasured individually. Nobody would know of the books we have read. East German children books had such sophisticated and brilliant illustrators. Where did … Continue reading Roots in times of Upheaval

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

So I promised a little contribution for this week’s events. For more about the UofG Neurodiversity Network go here (link opens in new window). Without further ado: My ADHD Superpowers –an attempted poem I design and make clothes, mainly dresses that fitSilversmith, wordsmith and sometimes do knitI draw life with words, images, pens, and brushBut … Continue reading Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Ethnography of a Museum

Context I am experimenting with writing again. So back to the beginnings of my academic journey and ethnographic writing. Without further ado: An Excerpt The smell is difficult to describe, an echo of floor polish clings to the dry air, the worn Lino floors make my shoes squeak, but it smells of something else; I … Continue reading Ethnography of a Museum


During the last months I have often been thinking of my granddad. And today after blurting out crying a couple of times I thought I write up a couple of memories and inevitably learning about teaching. He worked in an agricultural boarding school, after having to stop being a farmer. The young adults—many of which … Continue reading Granddad

Hybrid Spaces

I am having an ADHD day from hell so to get my brain back into focus I just went down to the kitchen and made a chocolate cake and now I do what I always do to get the thinking thoughts out of my head–I write. (Okay I cheated and used a bake mix so … Continue reading Hybrid Spaces