SoTL Tips

The other quick learning guides I have been working with are SoTL Tips and Debunking SoTL Myths. I am going to share more of these on Instagram. The first SoTL Tip Tiles Text from image above: SoTL Tip 01 Always search for critique about educational models! Have you fallen for VARK (learning styles), or you … Continue reading SoTL Tips

Bite Sized Pedagogy

While I have been rather quiet on here, I have been playing with various ideas, which I am sharing on Instagram (sorry not more Twitter for me, also at Mastodon) The first idea is to share bite-sized pedagogy. I am often told how difficult it is to get a handle on all the terminology and … Continue reading Bite Sized Pedagogy

Tip: Covering a Colleagues Teaching Last Minute. And their PowerPoint doesn’t make sense!

Most of us have been there. The threated call! “Could you cover my teaching for me? Because, *insert valid reason here*. Here are the slides for this session.” Here is a strategy that worked really well for me. I had a look at the slides beforehand, yet some of the slides still did not make … Continue reading Tip: Covering a Colleagues Teaching Last Minute. And their PowerPoint doesn’t make sense!

Writing is Comfort Work

Somewhere on the wilderness of the World Wide Web I stumbled across this contemplation about comfort work by Austin Kleon. The idea was so relatable it made me contemplate not only how I work but also if framing things under this light might help with motivation during challenging times. First things first. Austin Kleon defines … Continue reading Writing is Comfort Work

#AcWriMo 2022

This has been a very slow blogging year. I made up for it with several publications, including lead editor for an open access book and starting our oSoTL journal. The second edition was just published and edition three plus a special edition are in the works. So trying to get my blogging mojo back for … Continue reading #AcWriMo 2022