Alter Ego & Academic Superheroes

Here comes: my Alter Ego PhDzilla.

… and her helpers the Super-Professor & Samurai Schaf


During my doctoral studies I had taken to watching a US TV series—Bridezillas [This probably tells you more about me than I care to acknowledge.]. The TV series pretty much mirrors all the crazy modes postgraduate students happen to find themselves in during the different stages of undertaking the degree. PhDzillas are postgraduate students who mutate into monsters in the course of their studies. And now without further ado *drum-roll* the one! The only! PhDzillaaaaaaaa!


The Super-Professor!

He has a volcano-resistant umbrella of force, a falling-tree-defying bowler hat, a air-born-poison filtering beard and a super-secret briefcase of heuristic improbability!

AKA the external examiner who faced the challenges of travels during the Irish volcano eruption in 2011. Hence I made him a superhero. Psst don’t tell him!


Samurai Schaf (Sheep)

Is not only a samurai but also Zen Master … he tends to teach PhDzilla and help her with problems.


  1. Hehe, great developments on your blog! I like it! Congrats also to the longish radio talk – well done!


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