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And Higher Education

What Else do you need?

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That would be me in case you were wondering

I began this blog, in a different form in 2006 to improve my written English and stay sane during the trials and tribulations that is gradschool and obtaining a PhD. Unfortunately the archives of the first years were lost when my hard-drive decided to die with a strange noise and even DiskWarrior could not help.
A couple of months ago, I felt all the PhD related posts were not really relevant anymore and I wanted to make a clear cut; so I deleted dozens of posts until a colleague said I ought to safe them. The remaining posts I saved still made he better of 35.000 words. Maybe at some point I am brave enough to go back to these and make them into a book (there are still 3 diaries of about 200-300 pages each …).

Write me. Maybe.

Fast forward about one-hundred gallons of coffee and a ton of chocolate, and half a dozen fix term contracts later, and I have been working as a lecturer in academic and digital development for some years. Granted it took me about two years to slow down from my 24/7 steam train, six part-time jobs at a time work mode, into something that resembles a career path. I won several (tiny, internal) grants, a best presentation price, and recently a golden tweeter award, held some keynotes, and obtained my Senior Fellowship with the Higher Education Academy. I am currently leading a couple of master’s courses (MEd in Academic Practice), and the dissertation projects, and trying to change attitudes around the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching in the institution; as well as supporting our first ever Graduate Apprenticeship Scheme, in developing CPD and training for the workplace mentors. So far so chaotic.

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The digital award

Things that haven’t changed

Run on sentences seem to still go strong. And my focus on creative pedagogies (creative learning and teaching) and thus implicitly active learning has not changed. I am trying to translate creative pedagogy and principles of Kulturpädagogik (culture education) into the higher education context. This has led to colleagues playing with Lego, balloons, play-dough, and my line manager putting the Incredible Hulk on top of their computer. I also have been accused or commended (I am really not sure) of pink fluffy unicorness.


Science of Education

One of the frustrations that still has not changed is that in the UK, my discipline (my profession) does not exist! Nobody knows what Erziehungswissenschaften (EzW) is! This was brought home recently, when I was invited to speak at a congress in Munich, and when I said my discipline is EzW people knew–and awed! If I try to translate this into English, I get confused and empty stares … *sigh*
Anyhow, if you want to know the serious and magical business of learning, and teaching, of educational theory that constitutes the foundation for anything from play-dough to unicorns, just browse the blog. I try to share practical things, teaching tools or strategies, reflective practice, and some theoretical musings. I also often share resources I have developed or created.

If you like poetry hop on over to my creative writing blog https://storyfaeblog.wordpress.com/https://storyfaeblog.wordpress.com/


    1. Auf jeden Fall—Glasgow ist trotz jedweder Gerüchte besonders gastfreundlich! Maybe a little rough around the edges, but that creates a unique charm. Danke für den Landesgruß!


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