An Introduction to SoTL #ViCEPHEC2021

All presentations for the conference are on the VicePHEC YouTube channel (link opens in new tab). If you missed my opening keynote for this year’s VicePHEC conference you can follow up on YouTube or see below

#ViCEPHEC2021 Opening Keynote


I was really worried because my video editing skills are rudimentary at best. So the S.O. told me a story about a shop owner who every year closed his shop over Christmas for two weeks. Every year he would put a sign on the shop letting customers knows. And every year customers complaint about why they weren’t informed about the closure. Fed up he let his son come up with a new design and it had a spelling error in it. The moment it went up customers told him about the spelling error and that he should change the sign and he said: no, because this way you actually notice the sign. So the little hiccups keep it interesting? Here is hoping.

Enjoy and get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Transcript and Description

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