Neurodiversity Celebration Week

So I promised a little contribution for this week’s events. For more about the UofG Neurodiversity Network go here (link opens in new window). Without further ado:

My ADHD Superpowers

–an attempted poem

I design and make clothes, mainly dresses that fit
Silversmith, wordsmith and sometimes do knit
I draw life with words, images, pens, and brush
But also make mixed media art

I teach seriously playfully
And support with empathy
Students wanted to send me to stand-up
In the Bright Club

I love problems liminal spaces
Challenges and change do not face me
Research–poking problems with a big stick
My happy place is anything that needs fixed

Hyper-focus the most serious pretender
The state of flow I can intentionally enter
As long as the environment is right
Otherwise my brain switches to flight

–It still thinks there are sabretooth tigers

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