Life Domains

Twine weaving

How do you solve
Thrilled Chaos
My whole life
Balance on the point
Of a needle

Skin prick sharp
Ruling chaos
Is not for the faint hearted
Even equilibrium is flow
Forward motion
Perpetuum mobile
When forced to stop
The energy becomes volatile

I create always
Cogito ergo sum
Aedifico ergo sum
More like it
If grammatically questionable
Relationships aren’t a domain
They are everything
Love’s arms around me
Friend on walks
Partner on projects
Reader of my poems

So how do you split life
Into neat little boxes
Particularly now
When spaces have dissolved?

In a community of inquiry we are reflecting on Life Domains at the moment, and I really struggled with the topic. Or rather with the mapping of the topic. So I wrote a poem to process the intangibles of this debate.

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