Presentia Review:Get your Students Moving and Learning

What is this about?

Prof Ken Wong from Canada shared a resource today (I realised I never pressed publish on this post!) which might work as a really nice icebreaker or simply to get your students engaged outwith the classroom but with the material.

Experiential Place-based Learning (

A whole lot of pedagogical reasons

to use this tool.

When I read Ken’s blurb how the idea came about driving around their child and answering questions, my first association was that when I begun teaching, I would call my granddad via the speakerphone and have a reflective session with him after each teaching event, while driving back home.
However, this learning tool can also encourage your students to walk and learn. Remember how I wrote about the benefits of walking, and a colleague shared more evidence in this month’s SoTLWalk.

mother in law's cushion

So besides walking benefits. This tool would also enable you to gamify your course very easily. And last but not least it can encourage students to engage with their environment. There is a free version which works for class size up to 100 students and even the subscription prices are very affordable.

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