#SoTLwalk August 2020

cappuccino foam

This is a non-walk SoTLwalk and rather late. I hurt my back and walking was so uncomfortable there wasn’t much reflecting going on through the process. I was so annoyed not being able to go out much during a sunny weekend, I made a ridge-walk with Munro in milk foam. 😂

This month’s topic is all about creativity in our teaching and learning work–and yes the creative forces were strong! So I gamified my research methods course. Made an h5p treasure map for it, got my partner to design coinage with our university’s code of arms, had discussions in the CreativeHE Facebook group about tokens in gamification, got feedback from some game experts about my concept on Twitter, ask a LARP friend if my story makes sense and is interesting, had a helpful colleague offering support with digital storytelling, and finally another helpful colleague turning my video-ideas into reality. So there was a lot of learning and input from literally family, friends, and colleagues that went into the whole thing. I will strip the content of it and will share the framework with the financial system (different learning activities earn different value coins) so that should be easily translated into any course. So here is the interactive h5p map:

I forgot to mention I also researched how to draw treasure maps and maps and learned how to do it. Be gentle this is my first attempt, ever.

For more on this I wrote a Working out Loud article for the LifeWide Magazine, starts on page 106

wild flowers in a vase

Creative praxis to me doesn’t have clearly defined professional versus private (hobby) boundaries.

petticoat dress and red shoes

Being in flow
Lateral thinking
Mindful engagement
Authenticity as teacher and learner
The courage of being one self
are all things that need to be considered and explored … once I can sit upright again.

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