National Teaching Repository

It’s Official!

If you ever want to understand the meaning of a Kraftakt (immense effort that goes into something) then have a look at Dawn’s brainchild the National Teaching Repository! Which is now all up and running and I have the honour to be curator for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning section! So without further ado, I encourage you to go and have a nosy! Here (see following link):

Get in touch via Twitter:

And first and foremost:

The word Participate! as a graphic

Make your ideas public and therefore claim them as your own.
Share resources for others to use, the underlying database we are using is Figshare, which links with your ORCID (so you might want to register with Figshare first), it gives any of your resources a DOI and makes it easily citable and discoverable. Join open discourse, open educational practice and scholarship.

The blog and website are still under construction but you can have a first look for some more information and for submitting your work.

So get sharing!

What is this all about?

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