Remote Working Survival Kit

Interactive Image with Resources I am using to stay sane during remote working. All links repeated in the blog post below.

Workout from Home (YouTube link embedded)

A link to an article with 12 virtual museums’ tours (opens in new tab)

My favourite anti-couch-potatoe measure Spotify and my dance around the house playlist (embedded)

Writing and creative writing are keeping me sane!

This semester I have co-hosted the #LTHEchat on twitter with my wonderful colleague Dawne Bell, from Edgehill University

I have also began to revamp this blog, from the PhD years and changed it into an academic and reflective practice blog.

Last but not least there is some creative output on for my poetry and mixed media art 

For some professional HE input

If you want some professional support follow various Twitter Hashtags such as

  • #LTHEchat
  • #OnlineLearning
  • #onlinepivot
  • #pivotonline

Probably my favourite

Free audiobooks (link below)

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