#LTHEchat 165: Transitions into Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) with Linnea Soler @DrLinneaSoler and Nathalie Sheridan @drnsheridan

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Transitions into Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

What is the purpose of this week’s SoTL chat?

Linnea and I are not focussing on the definitions and debates around the terminology of SoTL. We want to explore how engaging in SoTL for the first time, impacts academics, including those coming from a non-social science background. What are the stumbling stones? How can SoTL be imbedded into daily practice to help academics develop as they work? How can collaborative efforts, including cross-disciplinary collaborations, help advance SoTL and make it more fun? What nuggets of advice can be learned to help facilitate/motivate/de-mystify/enthuse the process?


There are many approaches for undertaking a SoTL project and your hard-earned training in your particular academic discipline may lead you to consistently take a set path without realising that there may be other approaches that could yield additional rich data and outputs. Furthermore, you may not…

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