12 Days of SoTL: Day 12

Ta taa! You made it to the final day!

Publish SoTL

Today is a list of journals and resources that can help you to find the right place. I created an OER where you can collate appropriate journals and plan your writing process. With the help of colleagues we made a head-start. You can download it here:

Some suggestions from our SOTL group:

A list of journals on digital education https://www.dcu.ie/nidl/resources/online-journals.shtml (Thank you Sarah @NomadWarMachine)

A list of undergraduate journals https://www.bcur.org/research/undergraduate-journals/ (Thanks to @LTHEchat, someone share it during the Wednesday evening session.*)

Common Databases which can help you to find appropriate journals are:

If you want to join our SoTL community and discuss questions you have or make suggestions why not drop in any time between 14:00-15:30 on Monday the 16th of December:

Also have a look at the Playlist featuring different editors from diverse Journals for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, who were interviewed at the dissemination fair last year. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUtE5AlmlvhUyy9VFH-2uFRXMhIobM4cj

And don’t forget! Today the library is running a webinar on managing your publications: ORCID, Enlighten and Research Identifiers. You can book a place here: https://event.bookitbee.com/25414/orcid-enlighten-and-research-identifiers

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I hope you got a little bit of joy and a lot bit of learning out of the advent calendar. As always comment, critique, suggest, engage!


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