12 Days of SoTL: Day 05


Methodology is your research (inquiry) plan or strategy. You could think about it as a project plan, exploring how you go about answering your research questions (or proofing your hypothesis). What theoretical framework have you chosen to scaffold your research (if you choose one)? Have you decided to follow a methodology? There is a wide range of existing methodologies you can draw from such as Narrative Inquiry, Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Action Research. These will come with suggested tools (methods) and types of analysis. However, you can create your own approach appropriate to your situation. So your methodology chapter should answer: 

  1. What methodology have you chosen and why?
  2. How do they help you answer your questions?
  3. Were there other approaches you could have chosen? 
  4. What makes yours the most appropriate? 
  5. How does your methodology (research approach) match your theoretical framework (if you choose one)? 
  6. What methods are coming out of your methodology?
  7. What other methods could you have chosen and what makes the ones you choose the most appropriate? 
  8. Explain the methods.
  9. Explain participant sampling.
  10. Explain ethical considerations. 

The following video explains how a methodology chapter is usually approached in educational inquiries & research: 

In the YouTube video below Nicole explains the origins and development of Grounded Theory: 

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