Digital Storytelling, GDPR, and MS PowerPoint

authors: Dr N Tasler & Dr VHM Dale

As part of our Creative Pedagogies for Active Learning course, we are running a digital storytelling session led by my partner in crime Dr Vicki Dale. Now last year Vicki offered Sway or–if people wanted to try–Adobe Spark (inspired by a session Dr Monica Chavez ran) as tools, with the caution that Adobe Spark might not be GDPR compliant, and we could not use it with our students.

To address the GDPR issues, we are now experimenting with creating videos in MS PowerPoints in addition to using Sway as a digital story-telling tool. So far, so awesome! Not only can you insert voice over narrative but you can in addition upload sound-files to create a soundtrack. Editing the audiofiles to play in the background and adjust volume levels.

So you simply create your story, add the narration and soundtrack and export the pptx as a video-file. It is that simple. Only caveat is that the compression time can be a bit long if you have large sound and image files.

And all of this is GDPR compliant!

And if you are looking for free music:

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