Enhancing Student Learning: What are you looking for?

I think it is time for a mini blog series on how to enhance student learning. Where the idea came from: I was in the middle of preparing my course documents and digital artefacts, to upload into the VLE when I suddenly noticed one of my Sway presentations had almost 7000 views! Normally its nothing above 100 because only my students use them. Anyhow, when I looked at the analytics I noticed most folk do not even read through the slides–obviously because I use these for teaching only so usually my presentations do not make sense for anyone just reading them, as they are simply visual guides to the different sections of a seminar/lecture/workshop.
The logical conclusion to this would be that the topic does indeed attract interest but, because the content is not designed for self-study, retention to the end is only 4%. So this is therefore the beginning of a mini-blog series on how to enhance student learning.

Background Reflection

For the purpose of this mini blog series I assume people looking for material on how to enhance student learning are wanting some strategies on how to improve their students’ engagement, problem solving, understanding, memory retention, grade marks, participation?

So what are you looking for?

Some of the things I have written about so far:

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