Re-blog: The scholarship of learning and teaching: a victim of its nomenclature?

Scholarship historically suggests there are elements of reading, of engaging with other scholars’ and researchers’ thoughts and publications. It is a historical exercise analysing and critiquing a body of existing knowledge. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) also necessitates a strong element of reflectivity – or better reflexivity – to become a meaningful activity. However, SoTL is more than ‘just’ scholarship. Indeed, it would be of little use for educators, if it would not involve for instance researching the impact of learning and teaching strategies, or interventions.

For full article read my original post on the SRHE Blog: 25th March 2019 … still need to write the corresponding piece but unexpected workload, illness and semester begin were interfering.

References (for some reason never made it into the original post)

Hazel, W. (2019). Exclusive: Education research ‘has a problem and must get its house in order’. Retrieved February 5, 2019, from

Miller-Young, J., & Yeo, M. (2015). Conceptualizing and Communicating SoTL: A Framework for the Field. Teaching & Learning Inquiry: The ISSOTL Journal.

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