Finding your voice

dandelions in sepia

Hello everyone, sorry for the silence. I have changed my role away from student facing to teaching and coaching early career academics in higher education pedagogy, known as academic development here in the UK. And somehow I haven’t quite found the right voice for this new role yet when it comes to my blog.

The new role came amidst a lot of upheaval, restructuring of a department, redesigning a whole 4 year programme (12 courses) three of which are mine and all (bar one) of which ran for the first time this academic year (and this is just a part of the story). As you can imagine there was a lot of fire fighting. I have just handed in an assignment for an additional qualification and send my senior fellowship application to the first referee, so there is a bit of headspace to actually sit down and think.

So while I am continuing do undertake some thinking and editing of about 60 drafted posts here are some photos to soothe your soul:

Kayaking at Silversands, Morar, Scotland
Evening Views
Assynt, Scotland
Ardvreck Castle, Assynt, Scotland

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