10 Minute Lecture – Methodology Chapter

Almost ten minutes and almost ten years later

I did it, first experiment with movie making software.This under 10 minute lecture is about writing a methodology chapter it is aimed for final year and master class students. It will give you a brief overview of the main points. Slide two gives a 1 minute introductory summary of the whole chapter.

original blog post

This video is still going strong with meanwhile over 230.000 views. I still regularly get comments, and have found it on various university websites across the world. Some students left comments that they are ‘forced’ to watch it as part of one of their courses–sorry guys. I know it is in dire need for an update and as I am currently leading a research course and the dissertation year for a masters program it might just be the right time to revisit the video, and maybe create a couple of new ones.

The course is entirely online and we have created various resources. However, it seems as if methodology and making decisions about the right approach to research are still a challenge. So maybe–just maybe–a fresh look and new perspective almost 10 years later might be useful?

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